With Them Our Future Is Bright

Adults & Seniors are the staple of our parish life. They make up the majority of those sitting in our pews at Mass, and we love them for it!

Adulthood brings certain challenges as families face numerous pressures, with countless activities to participate in and lots of obligations that must be fulfilled for work and family life. As we become more seasoned members (seniors), challenges to health, financial woes, and strains on personal needs can become overwhelming.  We need the Lord and one another. 

It is so important to seek the Lord in our adult years.  We only have so much time on this earth, and the latter years of life are important for assisting our children and grandchildren to mature in relationship to God. This means having a mature relationship with God for ourselves. Personal and communal prayer, frequent reception of the sacraments, bible studies, retreats, volunteering: all of these are moments of encounter with our Living God.  Grace lifts us out of darkness and to even higher ground with the Lord. Having strong faith now prepares us for when we will face physical and mental suffering as we near death. Our hope is in Jesus, who teaches us how to suffer well and how to prepare to meet him face-to-face after death. He showed us the way through his own death and resurrection. To follow him is to know the way, the truth, and the life that God desires for us in heaven.

The Lord loves it when we look out for one another.  This is probably why so many of our adults and seniors are active at our parishes.  Jesus unites us as a praying community. Jesus calls us to serve our brothers and sisters who are in need. It is important to be connected with the Church, because heaven will be a unified community of faith.  By learning to share with and support one another here, we are practicing what will be. 

To Serve & Protect

Our adult and senior members are actively involved in ministry to the homebound, volunteering with parish and local community activities like the food shelf, participation in parish liturgies, teaching religious education to our children, hosting funeral luncheons, serving parish breakfasts, and coordinating fundraisers for all kinds of needs.  And these are just a few of the things we do. 

Our parishes host a regular bible study and coordinate social and spiritual engagements for adults. We hope to develop a program of adult formation in the years to come.

Our faith is precious to us and must be protected and passed on to the next generation.  How we grow in holiness helps us to protect and pass on faith.  The saints inspire us in how they learned to do these things in the face of great difficulty. So too, our turn has arrived to become saints and by God's grace to overcome the difficulties of the world.  

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