Religious education for children

Youth and Families, 

During this time of uncertainty we know with certainty that God is unchanging and always here for us. 

All parents of students at St. Ann's should have received an email with religious education lessons for their student. If you did not get this information please email Victoria at 

All students should watch the Mass online each Sunday and practice their prayers each night. 

Over the next few weeks, students will be watching, listening and/or reading material on FORMED. To you have not yet signed up for FORMED, go to, enter the parish zip code, select our parish, enter your name and email, and begin watching. download the FORMED APP once registered. Search for FORMED by the Augustine Institute in the App store. Contact ParishCare for technical support:

K-1 grade: Each week students should watch at least one cartoon and read  one book on FORMED. Then, students should draw a picture or write 3-5 sentences explaining what they learned from each. 
               Cartoons can be found here: 
               Books can be found here: 

2nd Grade: Pick up a packet with materials to practice the Mass parts.

I would like you to watch Signs of Grace. Season 2: You are Loved from Episodes 1-Episode 7. (You don’t have to do it all in one day.) Each video is about 3 minutes and after watching the video take time to answer the question that I have listed below for you.

  • Episode 1: Why is the Eucharist better than cake? 
  • Episode 2: What kind of friend was Jesus? 
  • Episode 3: What gift did Jesus give us? 
  • Episode 4: What is the most important meal?
  • Episode 5: What is the greatest gift that Jesus gives us?
  • Episode 6: Why is the Mass so important?
  • Episode 7: Where do the stories we hear at Mass come from?

3-6th Grade: This week I want you to choose one Children’s Saint movie from

  1. Choose and Watch one of the Saint movies.
  2. Email me ( what you chose and one thing that your child learned from the movie.

7th Grade: For your religion lesson for this week I would like you to watch and discuss the Anima for youth series on There are three videos that are each about 12 minutes.  

Please email me ( back one thing that stuck out to you from each of the three videos.

Also, just a reminder that I would love to connect with each of the 7th grade families over zoom or the phone this spring. Let me know a time that works for you.

8th Grade: Pick up the Theology of the Body Book. Start chapter 7 and watch the videos and complete the lessons. 

9-10th Grade: For your religion lesson for this week I would like you to watch and discuss the Anima for youth series on There are three videos that are each about 12 minutes.  

Please email me ( back one thing that stuck out to you from each of the three videos.

11th Grade: Decision Point Confirmation Program. Please pick up a book in the office. You will complete one chapter a week. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Praying for you during this time!



March 17, 2020

Religious Education Families,


I pray that you entrust this time to our Lord who says many times “Peace be with you.” God is inviting you to find the Peace that only he can give! Please know that I am here at the parish and am available either to meet in person, over the phone, or through email or even a zoom meeting if you want to pray together or have questions relating to faith or family.


Religion Classes and all youth events will be cancelled at least until April 13th.


We pray that our community is spared of the disease and that it passes quickly. Our goal is ultimately a heavenly goal and therefore take this time to prepare for our heavenly home. Here are some suggestions to help you rely on Christ during this time:

  • Pray together everyday!
  • Read the Daily Readings from together as a family.
  • Study the Saints
  • Visit for videos, bible studies, kid videos, ebooks, and podcasts.
  • Use this time to grow in faith and holiness!


Keep an eye on the parish website. I will be creating some specific lesson ideas for families and youth as the social distancing continues.


Victoria Bulcher

Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

(218) 632-7312


Family of Faith

We are inviting all families to participate in A Family of Faith. Family of Faith is a new whole family Catechesis that will meet one to two times a month on Sunday afternoon from noon-2. We will begin each session with a potluck meal, than split into different ages. The program is a four  year cycle based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This year we will focus on the CREED. Our first session is Sunday, September 15th. 

Student only Classes for Grades K-11

@ St. Ann, Wadena: Classes for Grades K-6 are held in the basement of the church every Wednesday from 3:15-4:30 p.m. and Grades 7-11 meet at 7:00 p.m.

@ St. John, Bluffton: Classes for all grades begin at 6:45 p.m. with prayer in the church.  

Contact Victoria Bulcher if you would like to enroll your child in Religious Education or if you would like more information.


Sacramental Prep: Reconciliation, Eucharist, & Confirmation

Preparation for receiving the sacraments happens during the 2nd Grade for Reconciliation & Eucharist, and the 11th Grade for Confirmation. 

Contact Victoria Bulcher if you would like more information.


Early Catholic Family Life

Early Catholic Family Life (ECFL) IS for our families with children 0-5. We meet the first Sunday of the month October-May from noon-2 along with A Family of Faith. We begin with breakfast in the parish hall for activities that families do together in relation to the faith topic of the day and than we separate for age-appropriate sessions! Contact Victoria Bulcher at for more information. 

Parents are the Primary Teachers of Faith

The Lord has organized the family as the foundational cell of learning for children. Because of this, we see the primary teachers of the faith to children are their parents.  No priest or religion teacher can be as effective in passing on the faith as a parent.  The heavy lifting of faith formation happens at home with the example of parents, through family prayer, personal prayer, and regular attendance at Holy Mass.  We want the best for your children and want to help you help them. Whatever we can do to encourage you as a parent, please ask.