Young Adults

Our Young Adults Love Getting Together!

It is so important for Young Adults to get together often to share faith.  Our parishes love our members who are establishing new families, learning who they are and what God wants them to do.  God has so much in store for his youthful Church!

Young Adult Ministry is for adults eighteen to around forty years old. This age range is flexible, so please come if you or your spouse happen to be within this range. 

Why We Need Young Adult Ministry

This period of life is fragile and difficult for one's faith.  It is a stage of self-development, newfound freedom from one's parents, and of establishing oneself. Nowadays, after receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, most young adults tragically stop going to church, sometimes even giving up on religious practices altogether until about the time they want to get married. Often, the habits established in this period of self-ownership and identity-formation are foundational to practices later in adulthood.  Our fear is not that the pews will be empty down the road but that those who most need faith will not have it.  Like athletic talent, failing to practice one's faith results in apathy, sometimes defaulting to non-Christian means of coping with problems.  Our God is a living God, who wants to be part of all stages of our life, especially as we explore vocation and career decisions.  Our parishes are trying to do whatever we can to help our young adults to grow in faith, find community for support, and have the spiritual tools to say "yes" to whatever God wants for them.

First Fridays Adoration & Fellowship

One of our favorite activities of Young Adult Ministry happens on the First Friday of every month.


Every first Friday of the month we get together for prayer and fellowship.  Prayer starts at 7:00 p.m. at St. Ann's Church with Eucharistic Exposition, a half hour of silent prayer and a half hour of Praise & Worship music, and concludes with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.  

"I love coming to First Fridays, because I am able to pray with my spouse with in silence!"

"Our lives are so busy, it helps to know that we have at least one evening a month where we can relax and be with the Lord without distraction."


At 8:15 p.m., we head next door to St. Ann's Rectory for fellowship. It is a great time to meet other young adults and to enjoy a healthy and holy evening of great conversation.  It is a mixed group of married couples and singles, without the pressure of a dating culture or competition of faith.  There are new people every month, so do not be afraid to join us!

"The conversations we have are always fun. The fellowship is something I look forward to every month."


Contact:  Fr. Aaron Kuhn, email

Phone: 218-631-1593