It is a corporal work of mercy to bury the dead. ~ CCC 2447

If you have recently had a love one die, or if you are accompanying him or her in their last days, please know of our prayers.  

Our parishes love to help families through the grieving process, especially in offering prayers for the deceased.  No one honors the dead quite as reverently and with consoling ritual as do Catholics.  We are known for entering into the mystery of life and death through ritual and music, particularly in our celebration of Holy Mass, wherein we offer the soul given to us by God as a gift back to the Father. 

Please contact the pastor if you have any questions about funeral planning, 218-631-1593.

Long-Range Planning

Are you interested in helping your family in the planning of your own funeral service?  Some families are not sure what music or scriptures their loved ones would want at their funeral.  Our parishes offer an annual meeting to assist parishioners is some of the preparations that can be done in advance to one's own funeral.  We coordinate with local funeral homes, hospice workers, legal advisors, and our pastor to offer advice on how to address material and spiritual concerns regarding funeral preparation. 

Our next scheduled meeting:  to be determined.

Contact St. Ann's Parish Office for more details.