Our Parish

God's Supporting Cast

The parish of St. Ann was founded in 1895 amid the growing line of railroad towns from St. Cloud to Fargo. Today, a crossroad of highways 10 & 71, we are 650 families strong (and growing). The Church of St. Ann is one of the few consecrated churches in the Diocese of St. Cloud, though the paint has been changed a few times over the years. 

The parish of St. John the Baptist was founded in 1902, along the scenic bluffs between Wadena and New York Mills, MN.  A farmer's paradise, the town of Bluffton centers around the Church of St. John, and much of the residents comprise the 150 families of the parish.

The area surrounding the towns of Wadena and Bluffton are known for good hunting, small-town-family-feel, and fertile farmland. 

We are proud to be under the patronage of two supporting members of Jesus' family. Saint Ann was Mary's mother, and thus grandmother to our savior.  Saint John the Baptist was the last great prophet before the arrival of Christ, and he was second cousin to the Lamb of God (Luke 1:36-ff).