St. Ann's Cemetery

St. Ann's Cemetery (also known as Calvary Cemetery) is located adjacent to Wadena Cemetery on the southwest part of town. From the intersection of Highways 10 & 71, travel south on 71 (Jefferson Street South), take a right on Franklin Drive SW, go three blocks, merge left and continue on Franklin Drive up to the cemetery entrance. [map]

Rules Governing St. Ann's/Calvary Cemetery [download a PDF]

  1. No planting of trees, shrubs or flowers.
  2. Artificial flowers and arrangements permitted May 1 until June 15.
  3. Artificial flowers and wreaths permitted from November 1 until April 1.
  4. Unauthorized decorations will be removed. 
  5. Prohibited decorations include but are not limited to: 
    1. Urns
    2. Statues
    3. Vigil lights
    4. Glass containers
    5. Toys
    6. Shepherd's hooks
    7. Benches
    8. Holiday decorations & Christmas trees
  6. Any graveside decoration or memorial that interferes with mowing or maintenance of the cemetery is prohibited and will be removed.
  7. No pets allowed.
  8. Please use trash barrels for disposal of flowers and old decorations
  9. The cemetery reserves the right to trim or remove all floral designs, flowers, shrubs or trees from the cemetery as soon as they become unsightly, dangerous and/or diseased.
  10. The general care assumed by the cemetery shall in no case mean maintenance, repair or replacement of any vase, basket, memorial, flowers, plants, or other objects placed upon a grave.
  11. No person shall inter a body or cremated remains without permission of the parish.
  12. No monument, stone or marker shall be placed in the cemetery without permission of the parish.
  13. Graves shall have a monument and/or foot marker.
  14. Questions or concerns should be directed to St. Ann's Church Office at 218-631-1593.

St. John the Baptist's Cemetery

St. John's Cemetery is located on the church's property, East of the church and parking lot. [map]  The cemetery is maintained by the parish, and the parish reserves the right to restrict the use of decorations or remove them at will. Questions or concerns may be directed to the parish office.