Our Saints

Our Patrons - Saint Ann & Saint John the Baptist

Saint Ann - Grandmother of Jesus

The name Ann or Anne derives from the Hebrew name "Hannah," which means "grace."  

There is no scriptural reference to her in the bible, but tradition from the gospel of James holds that Saints Ann and Joachim were the parents of Jesus' mother, Mary. Joachim was alleged to be from Nazareth and Ann was from Bethlehem.  Once married, they lived in Galilee and struggled to conceive a child, even into Ann's later years. Eventually, the Lord blessed her with a child, and their daughter, Mary, was soon dedicated to the Lord for whatever he may wish to have her in service. 

Saint John the Baptist - 2nd Cousin of Jesus

The gospel of Luke, of all the scriptures, gives us the best account of who Saint John the Baptizer was and where he came from.  Luke 1-2 describes him as the second-cousin of Jesus. Mary was told by the angel Gabriel that her cousin, Elizabeth, in her old age, was with pregnant with John. Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, were infertile into old age, until the Archangel Gabriel appeared to him in the temple while he was serving his turn as priest. In this appearance, Zechariah doubted the possibility of Elizabeth to conceive a child, even after the assurance of Gabriel, and thus he was struck dumb (mute) until the birth of John.  John was raised under the influence of the Essen community near Jerusalem. He was consecrated by the Lord as the last great prophet of the Old Testament leading up to the arrival of Jesus.