Burial of Cremated Remains

Posted on September 26, 2018 in: General News

Do you have cremated remains of a family member in your possession that you would like to have laid to rest in a sacred place? The death of a loved one can be a confusing time. Perhaps the weather or time of year was not conducive to having a burial and time has passed by faster than expected? Or maybe you inherited the remains from someone else? Whatever the reason, our parish wants to offer you the opportunity to provide your family member a proper burial.

Proper burial helps us grieve and find closure while we show respect for the life and remains of our beloved dead. The Catholic Church sees the burial of the dead as a corporal work of mercy. God’s mercy extends through death, and it can overcome the greatest grief and loss that we feel. Having a sacred place to visit our family helps us find peace and closure. It shows respect to God, to the person who died, and to us who remain when we give a proper burial to the dead.

As a free service, the Church of St. Ann in Wadena, MN offers to receive and bury the cremated remains of loved ones whose date of death was more than 18 months ago. The deceased need not be Catholic or members of the parish, but proper paperwork is necessary to comply with state and church regulations.  

The month of November is often held as a season of memorial for those who have died. On November 8, 2019 at 2 pm, the Church of St. Ann will have a brief public prayer service to honor and pray for those who have died, followed by a private burial of the collected cremated remains at our cemetery. Our church will absorb the cost of burial, so this service is free to you. This will provide a sacred resting place that you can visit to pray, and a marked location for others to find in the future.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Barb Piecek at our church office: 218-632-7309 or

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